How-To: Upload new tune files to your OFT, using OpenFlash Manager

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When you initially install your OFT its first task is to read and save the current tune program present in your ECU (in most cases this is your OEM tune file). This installation process needs to happen for for several reasons, but the two primary reasons are listed below:

  • It keeps a backup of your original tune file so that you can flash back to it anytime you desire.
  • It helps the OFT to understand and store critical protocols and security features for your specific ECU/vehicle.

The OFT will use one of two methods your OFT will use to save your original tune data. Either:

  1. Actual ECU Read - where the ECU reads and saves the original tune program directly from your ECU/vehicle.
  2. Virtual ECU Read - where the ECU saves all the critical information related to your ECU and vehicle.

The method for uploading your tune files for each READ case is slighty different the first time you UPLOAD. We will outline the guidelines for each method below.

Understand which READ method your OFT performed:

The steps to know which read method your OFT used is quite simple. After you've completed a READ in your vehicle:

  1. Successfully install OpenFlash Manager on your PC. (download and install OpenFlash Manager)
  2. Ensure you have a good internet/wifi connection.
  3. Launch the OpenFlash Manager software.
  4. Connect your OFT to your PC using the supplied MiniUSB to USB cable.

At this time your OpenFlash Manager may apply several updates to your OFT, or itself. This can take several minutes; give the process some time to complete.

  1. Navigate to the UPLOAD DATA tab on the left.

Once the software has read the data from the OFT either of the following will occur next. 

  • You may be immediately greeted by a message that says "Only ECU data have been read. The original file must be loaded manually." - This indicates an Virtual ECU Read took place.

  • You will never be greeted by a message. After OpenFlash Manager reads the data from the OFT, notice that the space next to "Original File" says "PRESENT" - This indicates an Actual ECU Read took place.

Please proceed to the appropriate section(s) below for the next steps to upload your  tune files.

My OFT performed a Virtual ECU Read(this ORIGINAL file upload process will only need to be done once)

Before your OFT will allow you to upload any performance tune files, your ECU's original tune file will nee to be uploaded to the OFT. Use OpenFlash Manager to connect to and download your factory/original tune file from our servers. This is a rapid process, and just requires you to select OK/YES a few times.

  1. After seeing the message that reads "says "Only ECU data have been read. The original file must be loaded manually." -

    Select OK.

  2. You will be asked "Search original file into databank?" - Select Yes.

  3. OpenFlash Manager should find and ask you to save the original tune file somewhere on your PC.

  4. After saving your original tune file (to a known location on your PC), scroll down the Upload page, and click START.

Give the operation a few moments to complete. You'll receive a message that says "Data has been written."

The process of uploading the original tune file to your OFT will only ever need to be completed ONCE! In the future, you'll just need to upload new tune files following the guide for "My OFT performed and Actual ECU Read".

Now, please proceed to the next section of this guide (My OFT performed and Actual ECU Read) -> Start at step 4.

If your ORIGINAL tune file is was not located and downloaded from our database, you may get the following message:

If that happens:

  • Make sure you were using the UPLOAD DATA tab in OpenFlash Manager. If you had selected the DOWNLOAD DATA tab, please try again using the upload tab.
  • If you've tried using the upload tab, and received the message, please email us at for further instructions.

My OFT performed an Actual ECU Read

Download the appropriate stage program that matches your hardware configuration AND calibration code. Follow the instructions below to load the program onto your Openflash Tablet.

NOTE: You MUST a use a native Windows-based PC for the following procedures = virtual machines, or other simulated Windows device/software is not compatible at this time.

  1. Ensure that your PC has an active internet connection.
  2. Open the OFM application.
  3. Connect your Openflash Tablet to your PC using the supplied USB-A to Mini USB cable.
    • On the initial launch, OFM may apply necessary tablet updates. This can take some minutes.
  4. After all updates are applied, navigate to UPLOAD DATA. 
  5. Identify any empty MOD FILE slots, and select the folder icon to the right of the memory slot.
  6. Choose the tune file you’ve downloaded to load a program into the slot.
    • If there are no empty memory slots, you will need to delete any existing program(s) by selecting on the red X button to the right of the slot.
    • You can select continue this process to fill any empty/remaining empty slots with new tune programs.
    • Loading the tunes to the MOD FILE slots can take some minutes.

      !! NOTICE !! Usually, the tune file upload process is quick. If your tune file is over 1.5MB (such as for BMW platforms), the software may appear to freeze/hang. Do not force close or quit the software using taks manager! There software is automatically performing checksum corrections in several places of your tune file, and it will take some time. Please wait, and allow the process to complete.

      Afterward, you will receive a message that states "The checksum has been corrected".

  7. Once all your desired files are loaded, press START.

After the programs have been written to the memory slots, you should receive this message: 

You can disconnect the tablet from your PC. +++===+++===+++ Please watch the example .gif below for more clarity.

To program your vehicles ECU

  1. Ensure that your battery is fully charged.
    •  As a precaution you should choose to connect your vehicle to a battery charger/booster.
  2. Connect your tablet to your vehicle, and let it boot up.
  3. Turn your ignition switch to the ON position without starting your engine.
  4. Select the TUNING menu option on your tablet, then select WRITE
  5. Choose the program file you'd like to flash, and then follow the on-screen prompts. 

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