In recent months, our business has grown to a level that makes it difficult to keep up with our e-tuning, and customer service email's being sent to the same place. With customer service emails coming in by the dozens each hour, our e-tuning customer needs would eventually be pushed further and further down our email list.

With that in mind, we've implemented a new system for requesting basemap, datalog review, and tune revisions to keep our e-tuning customers (that need quicker replies) excluded from the abundance of general emails and support. Our new operating practice also has the built-in solution for our e-tuning customers to understand when to expect a tune revision by email.

The following information outlines our new procedure to execute a successful e-tune with our calibrators.

  1. Purchase and successfully install your Openflash Tablet onto your vehicle/ECU; if you haven't already.
  2. Purchase an e-tune service from our web-store.
  3. Read, understand, and agree with our standard disclaimer/release of liability when you electronically sign our e-form.
  4. Submit a request for a basemap in our scheduling system.
    • Please have your ORIGINAL tune files saved onto your PC after downloading it from your tablet. You will need to upload the tune to our scheduler.
    • Be prepared to Include a detailed description of your vehicle hardware/configuration when submitting your request on our scheduler.
  5. Receive your basemap via email. Load it into your tablet, and then program the software up-date onto your ECU.
    • Our basemap email will include instructions about how to proceed with initial testing using your new software update.
  6. Complete a datalog as requested by our calibration staff.
  7. Download your datalog and save it to a known location on your PC using Openflash Manager
  8. Go back to our scheduler and schedule an appointment for a tune revision by submitting your new request.
    • Be prepared to upload your datalog (up to 3) when scheduling your appointment.
    • Please be prepared to type/write any comments or suggestions that you have based on your driving experience with the new software update.
  9. Wait for any revision or correspondence from our calibration staff

.... Repeat the process from step 5 until our calibration staff informs you that we're done!

It is that simple! If you have any questions about the e-tuning process, please email

We look forward to working with you!