Uploading Tune Files to you OFT

Download the appropriate stage program that matches your hardware configuration AND calibration code. Follow the instructions below to load the program onto your Openflash Tablet.

NOTE: To upload files to your OFT, download and install OpenFlash Manager.

NOTE: You MUST a use a native Windows-based PC for the following procedures = virtual machines, or other simulated Windows device/software is not compatible at this time.

  1. Ensure that your PC has an active internet connection.
  2. Open the OFM application.
  3. Connect your Openflash Tablet to your PC using the supplied USB-A to Mini USB cable.
    • On the initial launch, OFM may apply necessary tablet updates. This can take some minutes.
  4. After all updates are applied, navigate to UPLOAD DATA. 
  5. Identify any empty MOD FILE slots, and select the folder icon to the right of the memory slot.
  6. Choose the tune file you’ve downloaded to load a program into the slot.
    • If there are no empty memory slots, you will need to delete any existing program(s) by selecting on the red X button to the right of the slot.
    • You can select continue this process to fill any empty/remaining empty slots with new tune programs.
  7. Once all your desired files are loaded, press START.
  8. After the programs have been written to the memory slots, you can disconnect the tablet from your PC.
    • Loading the programs to the MOD FILE slots can take some minutes.

To program your vehicles ECU:

  1. Ensure that your battery is fully charged.
    •  As a precaution you should choose to connect your vehicle to a battery charger/booster.
  2. Connect your tablet to your vehicle, and let it boot up.
  3. Turn your ignition switch to the ON position without starting your engine.
  4. Select the TUNING menu option on your tablet, then select WRITE
  5. Choose the program file you'd like to flash, and then follow the on-screen prompts.