We do not offer 'pop' tunes for platforms that do not support the feature from the factory. These "features" can be damaging on an engine/control system that was not designed to function this way from the factory.

Some damaging effects are:

  • 'Burnt' exhaust valves
  • Melted exhaust ports
  • Burnt exhaust header gaskets
  • Warped header/flanges
  • Cracked exhaust header/hardware
  • Seized exhaust hardware
  • Broken turbocharger or turbine wheels (for turbocharged engines)
  • ... and other damage

Some manufactures have this feature by default, but do understand that the ECU operates in a completely different engine control mode while the function is active. There is much more to it than just runnning -20 degrees of timing, and adding excess fuel or eliminating fuel overrun cut-off on those ECU control systems.

Some of platforms where we DO support burble tuning include:

  • Ferrari 458
  • BMW M3/4/5/6 (F8x, F1x)