How-To: Correctly loading .XDF's and .BIN's in TunerPro

Created by Anthony Cardinale, Modified on Sat, 30 Jun 2018 at 01:48 PM by Anthony Cardinale

We do not generally offer tuning how-to's/support, but understand that it is important for our customers to know how to use .xdf definition files. The .xdf contains the map information so that your .bin can be opened, and viewed in 'human readable' values. 

The software takes information that usually looks like this:

.. and makes it viewable like this:

WARNING: These definition files are created as the result of the extremely complex and time consuming process of reverse-engineering the factory ECU. Because of this complexity, it is necessary to make certain assumptions and, therefore, it is impossible to always deal in absolutes in regards to representations made by these definitions. In addition, due to this complexity and the numerous variations among different ECUs, it is also impossible to guarantee that the definitions will not contain errors or other bugs. What this all means is that there is the potential for bugs, errors and misrepresentations which can result in damage to your motor, your ECU as well the possibility of causing your vehicle to behave unexpectedly on the road, increasing the risk of death, loss, or injury. Modifications to your vehicle's ECU may also be in violation of local, state and federal laws. By using these definition files, either directly or indirectly, you agree to assume 100% of all risk and RomRaider's creators and contributors shall not be held responsible for any damages or injuries you receive. This product is for advanced users only. There are no safeguards in place when tuning with TunerPro. As such, the potential for serious damage and injury still exists, even if the user does not experience any bugs or errors.

These definitions are created for FREE without any sort of guarantee. The developers cannot be held liable for any damage or injury incurred as a result of these definitions.


To correctly load the .xdf, please watch the short clip below:

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