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Very poor service after new buying

I purchase rsv4 air box for tuono 2017 and no mapping received for 2 weekends in a row

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I’ve been struggling to get my unit working for a month. I got my maps (fairly quickly), but they don’t upload successfully. The only advice so far has been to keep reinstalling the PC software and try again... that’s not worked... and support has been unreachable for two weeks now.
Someone here can send me the new stage 2 map & stage 3 map for tuono 2017 please???
It took a while, but my problem is now resolved and the final tune runs well. The issue was with the vc redist included with the installer. I needed a complete 2005 VC redist installation to generate checksums.

Very difficult to get in touch with them after placing an order.  No updates on the order, impossible to view the order, and unable to get an reply to my initial email.

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