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Abarth checksum wrong

Can not upload provided maps, always results in checksum wrong message (regardless of OS, reinstallation, admin rights, compatibility modes, usb 3 or 2, firewall settings etc). The files simply do not work.

My unit shows a picture of a Ferrarri, and not an Abarth as other online pictures have shown. Do I have the wrong unit or are they all the same unit now? Would I have more or less luck if I get my ECU updated at Fiat and then try again from scratch?
You don’t have the good template on them but you have the good unit. I had the same problem with my aprilia my unit was showing a ducati diavel.
I uploaded the latest v2 templates available on this site, that didn’t seem to help. Would the templates lead to a checksum wrong message on upload? Or just an incorrect picture? Is there a newer set of templates that includes Abarth ECUs?
Me i installed good template and aprilia bike appeared. Uninstall OFM and reinstall it again without firewall. Cannot help you more.
Where did you get your templates? Were they sent to you or downloaded? Are they available anywhere else besides this site?
I’ve reinstalled A LOT, I even formatted a machine from scratch with nothing else on it and no firewalls... that didn’t help.
Sent to me.

I have the V2 OFT (wider screen, no bezel) and the only video available, and only images available showing success with the Fiat 500 Abarth are all V1 units. Is the V2 unit supported?

The visual C++ redist included with the installer wasn’t complete, once running the 2005 VC redist, the checksum could be generated. Problem solved.
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