OpenFlash Manager v1.7.0 (updated 11/14/2023)

Created by Anthony Cardinale, Modified on Tue, 14 Nov 2023 at 09:37 AM by Shiv Pathak

OpenFlash Manager is the software that you use to upload and download your tune files, or datalogs from your OpenFlash Tablet. It is also used to update your template file (the icons and menu's that you see on your OFT's display), and Modfile Database (the piece of software that allows automatic tune file generation).

OpenFlash Manager software will also automatically update your tablets operating firmware, and allow you to erase the tablet to complete your uninstallation (un-marry) while preparing to install it onto your other compatible vehicles.

  1. Ensure that you have a working internet connection.
  2. Download a fresh copy of OFM from the bottom of this page.
  3. Ensure that ANY and ALL antivirus program(s) you have installed are closed - NOT running! **This is critical**.
  4. Disable Windows Defender (please click here to review a .gif showing how).
  5. Right click on the installer program (that you downloaded in step 2) and select "Run as Administrator".
  6. Let the program fully install, following and completing any prompts.
  7. After installation, do not not "Run" the software immediately. Instead, setup the software to "Run as Administrator" each time you launch it by default (please review the .gif on this page to understand how).
  8. Launch OFM.
  9. After the software is running, plug your OFT into your computer (using a USB-A to Mini-USB cable) and allow the software to connect and update the device.

Q: Why do I need to disable antivirus protections?

A: Openflash manager requires and actively uses your active internet connection to keep itself [Openflash manager] and your Openflash Tablet fully updated whenever  PC connection is made. It also remains connected to our servers while interacting with your tablet, to automatically correct checksums and ensure compatibility with any tune files you're uploading/downloading. These connections are required for the software to work correctly, and they are passive -meaning that they occur in the background, without prompts for permissions. Some anti-virus programs (and Windows Defender) block out-going internet connections, and automatic (background) software updates via firewalls and other means. As mentioned OFM requires these functions to successfully update and interact with your OFT.


HELP: I keep getting Openflash Manager errors when using the software (uploading new OTS tunes, erasing my unmarried tablet, etc.)

NOTICE: OFM will NOT communicate with your tablet correctly if you are trying to use a virtual machine through OSX (Mac). You must use a native windows based PC.

Please right-click the link below (and select "save as" [or your PC's equivalent]) to download OFM v1.40.1, found below.

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