We here at OpenFlash are Mac people. OSX is our go-to when it comes to development and software engineering.

Since OSX updated to El Capitan (and beyond) the virtual machine never worked with Openflash Manager, and handling the OpenFlash Tablet correctly. We've worked with our software engineers and various virtual machine developers over the last few weeks, and we now understand whats going on.

During the USB port hand-off to the virtual machine, the system kernel is improperly handling power management. This is causing the OFT to be "disconnected" while OpenFlash Manager is "Identifying Device".

This is NOT a OFM software issue, but instead a port hand-off/USB power management issue.

Over the last two weeks, we've confirmed a work-around:

  1. Physically connect your OFT to your Mac with the supplied USB cable.
    1. Be sure that it is NOT connected/tunneled to your VM.
  2. Go to your VM and launch/run OpenFlash Manager.
  3. Go to you USB connection manager (for your VM) and VIRTUALLY CONNECTthe OFT to the VM.
    1. The OFT(2) is usually named "Product JP6 HID #2". 
  4. Monitor OpenFlash Manager and watch for the message "Identifying Device".
  5. Look at your OFT and wait for the background image and device information to fully load.
    1. You should see your OFT Serial Number on screen.
    2. You should see your OF Cd: P9029.
    3. You should see the OFT's hardware and software version displated on screen.
  6. OpenFlash Manager may freeze now.
  7. Go to you USB connection manager (for your VM) and VIRTUALLY DISCONNECT the OFT to the VM.
  8. Allow OpenFlash Manager to Crash and close.
    1. You may also be greeted by a message that says "Unconfigured device, it cannot be used."
    2. After selecting OK, the software should close.
  9. Go to you USB connection manager (for your VM) and VIRTUALLY CONNECT the OFT to the VM.
  10. Re-launch Openflash Manager, and the software should connect to the OFT successfully.

We've tried this method on several Mac's using Parallels and VMWare with success.


We've come to understand that the OFT UPDATE process is not always cooperative while using a virtual machine. If your OFT requires a known automatic online update, you should certainly use a native windows PC as the OFT may need to reboost a few times while updating. Due to the USB hand-offs as described earlier in the article, this sometimes can't happen properly while trying to update the device.