The READ button on your OFT may both be greyed because your tablet has already read, and saved your ORIGINAL program from your ECU to its internal memory slot.

The WRITE button may be greyed because the tablet could not auto-generate stage tune files for you. If the program the tablet reads from your ECU does not match an OEM ROM 100% (byte for byte), the tablet will not  auto-generate off-the-shelf maps; but that's OK!!

You'll need to use Openflash Manager (with a Window based PC) to load our free off-the-shelf stage tune files onto your tablet manually.

Q: How can I find my ECU software calibration ID?

Please visit our ROM Downloads section to find the stage rom that matches your calibration ID exactly. Within the download section will be instructions for loading the tune files onto your tablet, and reprogramming your ECU.

FRS/BRZ ROM's found here ->

Mazda ROM's found here ->

If you cannot find your ECU software calibration please schedule to receive our free off-the-shelf tune files here!