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I received my oft a week ago. I could not get it to read my ecu. I connected it to ofm then I was able to read my ecu, I sent it to ofp. You guys received it and kindly sent me a ots tune. I cannot get my oft to accept it using the simple instructions given me in the email. It repeatedly tells me the file you gave me is the wrong size. I got frustrated and erased my oft to start again. Now it will not read my ecu again, saying it’s in recovery mode which is not true, it runs fine and communicates through my Flux device flawlessly. I’m getting very sick of messing with this thing with no sucess. I need an OBD cable that actually works, I have to wiggle it to get it to boot up and it flickers. I’m about to send this thing back to you. You need to send me one that works right- I should be able to do this now in about fifteen minutes with a glitch free oft. I’m not and average bonehead, I have done Garmin avionics software updates in multi million dollar turboprop planes, I know a bad connection when I see one. Please help me I want this to work but you sent me damaged hardware. There wasn’t even a sticker in the box like there should be!
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